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Visitors can find learning resources for a primary audience (KS2) on a variety of topics which have been created by former staff and students at the University.

Modules are provided as either interactive modules (HTML5 format) or as download and print resources (PDF format).

Interactive modules

Click on an interactive module and follow the instructions for each activity.

Ancient Egypt

Student Life

Talking Textiles

Teeth and Eating


Download and print resources

When viewed online these resources may not meet with current accessibility standards.
We recommend users download and use them in a printed format.

Micro-organisms (PDF)

Ancient Greece (PDF)

Energy and the Environment (PDF)

The Earth and Beyond (PDF)

The Body and Medicines (PDF)

The Brain and Senses (PDF)

More online resources for key stage 2

Please visit our University’s ‘Activities for the classroom’ webpages to find more online resources for key stage 2.

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Parents & Carers

The Children’s University of Manchester has been designed to support KS2 (7-11) teaching and learning both in the classroom and at home. The resources can be used for whole class teaching with an interactive whiteboard and also for group, individual and homework sessions using pc, tablet or mobile devices.

The website can also be used by parents, carers and children at home. Why not work through the module yourself and then use your knowledge to help your child?

Discussion and interaction between a child and their parents or carers is known to play a significant role in a child’s development and educational success. An important objective of the Children’s University of Manchester is to give children an insight into University life by introducing them to students, staff and graduates who will explain what University life entails, show children that it is a welcoming, accessible and exciting environment and importantly give children aspirations for their own future. This is achieved using profiles of key individuals, photographs and stimulating facts about The University of Manchester and its many achievements as well as the Student Life module written by two of our own graduates.

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