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A student in a graduation outfit

Have you ever thought about going to University?

The University of Manchester is situated in the North-West of England in the heart of Manchester city centre. Its location within the city on Oxford Road makes the University an exciting and vibrant place to study and live for our students.

The University of Manchester is Britain’s largest university with nearly 40,000 students studying here at the moment. Students go to university in order to study something which interests them and gain a degree in that subject. A degree is a further qualification you can get after you have been to school and college and can help you achieve a better job in the future. The University of Manchester offers over 400 different degree courses and you will get to find out a bit more about some of those subjects in this module.

Once you have completed your degree and graduated from university you become part of the university’s alumni. The University of Manchester has some very famous people who have studied here such as the scientist Brian Cox. Brian Cox not only studied at the University but he now also teaches here to some of our first year Physics students. This module will give you an insight into student life at university and The University of Manchester in particular.

We hope you enjoy learning about Higher Education.