A mobile phonephone
Pencils, a pencil sharpener and eraser

Green light bulb

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Hello, my name is Professor Ian Cotton. I work in the University High Voltage Laboratory where we can generate 2 million volts; if you tried to do this using batteries you’d need a line of them 45 miles long! We can make small bolts of lightning and we test equipment that is used on the electricity system.

My job involves working with other engineers to make sure we can find the best ways of getting electricity to your home and school. It’s always a challenge and we spend our time solving problems. Click on the website and find out more about the area in which I work.

Hi, I’m Teresa Chilton and I work at the University of Manchester with Ian. My job involves helping primary school children (and their teachers!) to understand the work that Ian and other engineers do. I then help the children to do experiments investigating energy and to think about how we can save energy and live more sustainable lifestyles.

When I am not at University I enjoy horse riding, playing the piano and motor sports (lots of science there!).

So come on, let’s use some energy to explore this website … have fun!