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Welcome to Ancient Greece!

I’m Aimee Schofield, and I’m a PhD Student at the University of Manchester. At the moment I’m doing research on Ancient Greece, and I also teach some of our undergraduate students about Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece at Manchester

The Classics and Ancient History department teaches students all about the ancient world – including Ancient Greece. We also have a large collection of ancient artefacts in the Manchester Museum, which students and visitors can study.

School Days

I changed primary schools when I was seven, and ended up studying Ancient Greece twice. I loved the subject even then, and I used to read lots of books about the Greek myths. When I finished my A-levels, I came to the University of Manchester to do an undergraduate degree, and I stayed on to do my Masters and PhD.

Learn about Ancient Greece

I hope you enjoy this website, which will teach you lots of interesting facts about Ancient Greece. When you’ve had a look through the site, why not visit the Manchester Museum to look at all the artefacts we have?

Illustrations by John Cooper