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Pencils, a pencil sharpener and eraser

The French flag

Why learn a language?

Hello my name is Marie Kennedy and I am a second year at the University of Manchester. I am studying for a degree in French and Spanish. I decided to study two languages at University because I love to learn about people and how people in different countries live. I also love travelling and visiting new places and I get to spend time in France and Spain whilst studying for my degree. The best part about my degree is actually going abroad and living in any of the countries which speak these languages. Did you know that French is also spoken in parts of Canada, Africa and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

My top 4 reasons:

  1. You get to meet people from all round the world.
  2. Knowing how to speak in different languages helps you communicate more easily when travelling.
  3. You get more chances to go abroad (school trips and exchanges for example).
  4. You can learn about other ways of life and different cultures and traditions.

La vie scolaire en France

Primary schools in France are quite different to ours in Britain. They usually have Wednesday afternoons off for example, to take part in sport or spend time with their families. Students generally don’t wear uniform either…. and they don’t have any SATs! But it’s not all fun and games, because sometimes students have to go to school on Saturday mornings and they usually have earlier starts than us.

Now see how you get on with the French modules I have written for you, Bonne Chance! That means good luck in French.