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Hello, my name is Professor Ian Cotton. I’m a Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at The University of Manchester. I work in the High Voltage Laboratory where we can generate 2 million volts; if you tried to do this using batteries you’d need a line of them 45 miles long!

My job involves working with other engineers to make sure we can find the best ways of getting electricity to your home and school. I also work on wind turbines; these are a way to generate electricity without burning fossil fuels. You’ll find out more about this soon...

Hi, I’m Teresa Chilton and I work at the University of Manchester with Ian. My job involves helping primary school children (and their teachers!) to understand the work that Ian and other engineers do. I then help the children to do experiments investigating energy and to think about how we can save energy and live more sustainable lifestyles.

When I am not at University I enjoy horse riding, playing the piano and motor sports (lots of science there!).

So come on, let's use some energy to explore this website ... have fun!